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R-Bands have an interesting effect of toning and tightening muscles – as opposed to bulking them, like weights tend to do – simply because as you stretch out a band, it gets tighter and tighter, requiring you to recruit more tiny muscle fibers to get to the top of each movement.

Our Training Method: MLRT or Multi-Limb Resistance Training, means you will be working upper and lower body simultaneously and separately to exhaustion, which enables you to also work 2-3x as many muscles and burn 2-3x as much fat than a normal workout.

Add our pumping music, and it’s basically like an aerobics class on steroids …. but WAAAYYY more fun!

About this workout:

This is not your average resistance band workout. Seriously there is literally nothing out there remotely similar to what we do. It’s a revolutionary approach to toning and tightening the entire body as a system. So you’re always working one set of muscle groups while another set is recovering which enables you to work the maximum amount of muscles physically possible. AND we NEVER stop moving. It’s basically like an aerobics class on steroids, but way more fun!

There’s also 8 completely different series that use different dimensions of muscle targeting, which enables you to safely train every single day. And because bands get increasingly more resistant as they are stretched, it requires you to recruit those tiny muscle fibers that make the muscle tighter instead of fuller like weights tend to do.

Make sure to arrive 10-15min early, specify any injuries, and hydrate prior to the class. THERE ARE NO WATER BREAKS.
PLEASE BYOM Bring you’re own yoga mat if you have one!
We also do corporate fitness. Refer us a biz and we’ll give you $200 bucks.

$1.50/hr parking located at 1725 Ocean Ave below Belmar Apartments. From there walk straight down Olympic and we are right in front of Lowes Hotel.
Cheap and close parking located directly on the pier $3 per hour.


We are right in front of Lot 2 1670 Appian Way Santa Monica, 90401
From Ocean Ave Parking lot just walk straight down the pier and go left onto the boardwalk, pass the volleyball courts, the lifeguard headquarters, and the public restrooms and right after you’ll see our big green flag. If not feel free to call the toll free: 1-855-STRETCH(787-3824) Someone will answer up to 5 minutes into the class.

Our Training program is not for everyone, it’s designed for the person who is really serious about making a change and ready to give 110% effort. If that is you, then this is going to be an amazing and life changing program. Not just physically, but mentally as well. We believe that if the mindset isn’t there, the goals wont be either. That being said, we will NOT LET YOU FAIL. We are with you every step of the way. No one get’s to hide out. We are known for staying on top of people with phone calls, texts, accountability groups etc. Once you have all these support systems in place, coupled with your willingness and mindset, you will simply be UNSTOPPABLE.
We are excited to work with you and be a part of your awesome journey into the NEW YOU!


What is Multi-Limb Resistance Training?

Multi-Limb Resistance Training or MLRT is a unique way of training upper and lower body simultaneously with resistance bands.
Basically it just means you are working multiple muscle groups at once, so you burn more fat and build more muscles than you would in a traditional strength training routine.

The actual program consists of:

  • MLRT45 Personalized Training
  • Virtual Training Library Access: Short and Efficient Fat Burners
  • Weekly Coaching Via Phone: We will not let you fail
  • Super Easy Eating Plan: Schedule and Grocery
  • Interactive App Profile: View and Modify Workouts/Diet/Progress
  • 12 Weeks of Plant Based Organic Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 24/7 Support and Posting in Private FB Transformers Group

  • Custom Fitted Resistance Bands
  • Respiratory Repair: Enliven and Deepen Breath
  • Weak Muscle Repair: Target and Strengthen Weaknesses
  • Imbalance and inflexibility Repair: Target and Mobilize
  • Insulin and Fat Store Repair: Detox and Stabilize
  • Breathe, Move, Eat, Drink, Look, Feel better!