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Just wanted to say thank you so much for this program.
MLRT works! I can’t believe I lost 4 lbs in my first 2 weeks and then 26lbs total in 12 weeks! I feel amazing! Totally different person. There is nothing like this out there. You guys are on to something. I get so many compliments daily and my doctor is happy that I am no longer borderline diabetic. Best news ever!

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You guys have certainly exceeded my expectations! The Bands And Body workout is different from anything I have tried in the past. It’s so much fun working out to music tempo and learning this new skill. And it get’s results. I have lost over 7 pounds and 2 freaking inches of my belly. My goal was 8lbs, but the way I look is way more important. I have abs!

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What helped me lose weight was simply finding a program and committing to it. I found Dustin’s Challenge at the right time, stuck with it, and it worked for me.

– Viktor
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I lost a serious amount of weight and body fat when Dustin was the featured trainer in a documentary I directed on curing diabetes through fitness and diet.

– Allan
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Dustin is an amazing trainer. His workouts are truly unique, and unlike any other workout I have done. My muscles were worked, but felt good after. I like that it is more gentle on my joints than any other workout. I went one time to work out with Dustin, and was absolutely hooked! Would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone. I won his March 28 Day fitness challenge for losing 17 pounds in 28 days!

– Matt
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Multilimb training is WAY different than anything ive ever done before and i have done A LOT of different things. but i will definitely say that it is unlike anything that is out there. i can definitely see him becoming famous because of it. i also have had several trainers over the years and id definitely have to say that Dustin is the best one. he’s extremely scientific and also funny about it at the same time.. he’s always reminding me to do my ex homework stuff but in a nice way. he’s also one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. i personally work out to just maintain my body and keep in shape..and so far my stomach and arms have never looked so good…i also like the fact that the sessions are 45 minutes and you do get more done. id like to say that the time flys by but i still wish it was over after the first 10 minutes. you will get into the zone with all the fluid multiple body part stuff. and even in the stretching part he makes you work! resisting and pressing etc. it’s a really logical approach: move more body parts = burn more calories. but there are way more benefits than just that which i’m sure he will talk your ear off about so i don’t have to!

– Ashley
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I Found Bands And Body via Yelp and after reading through reviews and reading about the MLRT technique and seeing the free session thingy, I wanted to try it. It’s really quite interesting. Honestly, you can’t really describe it. I would watch a youtube video on it. Basically it’s a lot of arm/leg/core movements that transition into other movements. Like for example going from an arm front raise reverse lunge into an arm side raise knee up and back and forth. If that makes sense to you then you kind of have a picture. Almost feels like you are dancing instead of working out and sometimes the workouts are synchronized with music so that you can work on timing etc. Each session in the beginning you focus on improving and testing on your weak or restricted areas and then you do the MLRT stuff and then the partner stretching/pressing thing. Dustin is fun. He’s kind of a joker which I like, but also extremely knowledgeable which is good. The program also comes with a pretty comprehensive, but not super strict custom nutrition plan. I lost 9 lbs in my first Month! I worked out with him 3x a week and probably did 2 of the 4 weekly video homework assignments. He thoroughly explains every exercise step by step and it helped me understand why I was doing what I was doing. I would highly recommend this type of exercise.

– Lena
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I couldn’t have dreamed up a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging trainer if I tried to. Dustin has made working out into the highlight of my day and has inspired me to reach my fitness goals like I never have before. His approach to fitness is way different that anything I’ve experienced before in the past and each session is different, dynamic and most importantly, fun. If you’re nervous about training and getting down to business when it comes to working out/ getting in shape, don’t be apprehensive. Regardless of where you stand in your personal fitness, Dustin can improve it and he’ll make sure you’re progressing at a rate that’s enjoyable and challenging at the same time. He’s the man… what more can I say?

– Houston
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Dustin has always been careful to explain proper body positioning and analyzes form to assure the best workout and safety to avoid injury. He’s been attentive to my current fitness needs, working with me to manage pain and weaknesses and helping get my body to the strength and fitness it was intended for. Dustin’s able to adapt and modify workouts and activities to avoid aggravating injuries while working to strengthen muscles and increase range of motion. Dustin is invested in the whole fitness experience, he’s not just “there” for a session, but also as a support – encouraging daily fitness and nutrition accountability emails as well as responding to questions on fitness and nutrition.

– Marie
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Dustin is a great trainer; I can never replace him with any other trainer, he is fun to work with, and he motivates me with the things that he says while we work out and just that makes the sessions the highlight of my days! So far Dustin’s work outs has been very effective…I always feel sore for couple days after we have our session, but as long as I can see results then I don’t mind the pain…as they say no pain no gain! What I like about Dustin is that he always explains to me the work outs and what muscle it works and why I’m feeling the soreness afterward, and that makes me feel much better and I know that I’m in good hands. Regardless of our busy schedules Dustin always finds the time to accommodate me; He is very compassion about what he does and it’s infectious. When have had to cancel sessions last minute, he always try’s to accommodate and get me in for make-up session or do a virtual skype session to keep on track. Training can be expensive but you get what you pay for and this is way beyond just working out and getting fit.

– Sarah
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The very first thing i liked about Dustin, is the fact that he can actually back up everything he says with scientific evidents based on reaseach studies or biomechanics of the body. I found this to be very impressive because whatever he wanted me to do had reasoning behind it. Dustin is very professional and takes his work seriously. He is always on time and always prepared to show new training routines. Every workout is structured towards different areas of the body. Also, since every session is completely different from the other, I always feel challenged and never bored. He’s accomodating and flexible with his schedule, which is very helpful for me with my busy schedule. In the first month I felt more toned and lost 5lbs, which was my original goal. Dustin also offers skype training sessions which I really like because I travel a lot and it keeps me progressing. Great idea! I am very happy to be able to train with Dustin and look forward to myself looking even better!

– Marina