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Welcome to BANDS AND BODY! Join 100s of People Who Love It!

OUR MISSION: We live in a frontal based society. Spending most of our time sitting and moving forward.
Our mission is to reach deep into a world where we have lost touch with our bodies and bring back into harmony using coordination, power, and synchronicity of body movements
We make your body LOOK and FUNCTION like a well tuned orchestra!
“Stretch Beyond Your Limits”

Multi-Limb Resistance Training!

The NEWEST most INNOVATIVE way to Train.

Coordinated Balance (Increased Control)

Multi-limb resistance training requires the body to work together as a system. Creating physical and muscular balance.

Correlated Force
(Increased Safety)

Bands contract and relax in exact correlation to the muscule groups in your body that are producing each movement.

Amplified Power
(Increased Strength)

As Bands are Stretched they become increasingly more resistant Requiring the body to recruit more muscles to complete each movements.

Peripheral Blood Flow (Increased Circulation)

Working upper and lower extremities increases blood flow and circulation all throughout the body.

Our Training Philosophy!

You’re with a trainer 1-4x a week, but it’s what you do in those other 165 hours that really count!
We set up all the systems you need to ensure your success:
Video Library: Easy 20min do it yourself band videos.
Nutrition Plan: Super simple grocery list and eating schedule.
Strength Repair: Targeting weakest muscles burns way more fat!
Accountability Check-ins: regular correspondence via text or call to ensure all your systems are kept in place.



Dustin is an amazing trainer. His workouts are truly unique, and unlike any other workout I have done. My muscles were worked, but felt good after. I like that it is more gentle on my joints than any other workout. I went one time to work out with Dustin, and was absolutely hooked! Would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone. I won his March 28 Day fitness challenge for losing 17 pounds in 28 days!

Are you someone who wants to get in AWESOME shape, but you don’t wanna ruin your body in the process?

It’s something so effective that we guarantee a visual transformation in 90 days or we’ll literally give you your


All memberships include:

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Accountability check ins
  • Live coaching calls
  • Monthly Private Assessment


Think rave on the beach without the drugs

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Amazing secret hike with panoramic ocean views.

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Are you someone who wants a major breakthrough

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